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How to burn Resin Incense

How to burn Resin Incense

What you will need:

  • Your Resin, Herb or powder incense.
  • Charcoal Discs: you can find many varieties of charcoal here.
  • A bowl, urn or plate: almost anything that can withstand heat will work. Often people add sand to a bowl to help absorb heat. You can find burners, urns and bowls here, and sand here. We also carry Charcoal Tongs so you don't burn your fingers.
  • A lighter or matches: to start the self-igniting charcoal. A lighter is best

1. Light the charcoal and place it in your bowl or urn.Never hold the charcoal with your fingers - always use tongs or even pliers. Apply flame to the side of the charcoal for about 20 seconds. The charcoal will then self-ignite across the surface. Charcoals do not usually light easily if they are laying flat on some surface or in a bowl. It is best to hold the charcoal in the air with a tool when applying the flame to the charcoal.

2. Wait for the charcoal to ignite and warm up. This usually takes about 3 minutes. You will notice the charcoal starting to go gray around the edges.

3. Add resins, herbs or powder incense. Just place a small amount on top of the charcoal. The resins or herbs will begin to burn and release their essential oils through the smoke.

4. Enjoy. Every aromatic herb and resin has different properties, and can evoke different moods. Experiment and enjoy!