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Incense Recipes - attraction

Aphrodite Incense Recipe

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AphroditeHere are some interesting recipes for incense to help with calling to Aphrodite. Of course, Aphrodite is the famous 'Goddess of Love'. Equated with Venus by the Romans, she is the daughter of Zeus and Dione (a freshwater Nymph, daughter of Oceanus and Tethys). Another myth relates the tale of the castration Ouranos (Roman Uranus) at the hands of his son Chronos (Roman Saturn), and how his severed genitals were cast into the sea which engendered Aphrodite.

She is often depicted in myth as having an ambivalent female nature which combines seductive charm, physical beauty, the drive to procreate, and a certain capacity for deception and intrigue. Also called Cypris (the Cyprian) by the Greeks, the cult of her origin was thought to have been out of the east near Cyprus.

Aphrodite is a Goddess not of love in a modern romantic sense, but rather love as attraction, seduction and desire in an unabashed pagan way. She presides over sexuality and reproduction, the very thing necessary for the continuity of a community or civilization. Often young women made sacrifice to Aphrodite before their wedding ceremonies, so that their first sexual experience would be fruitful. In this sense there is an obvious connection in the imagery of the bountiful vegetation and fruits of the earth with the voluptuousness of Aphrodite.

Aphrodite's titles included Hetaira (courtesan) and Porne (prostitute) and she was considered a protectress by women in those professions who relied on seduction for their vocation.

Aphrodite was worshiped by men for a safe voyage over the seas, and by magistrates and officials for her capacity to bring civic harmony and civility.

From Scott Cunningham:
Cinnamon: 1 part
Cedar: 1 part
Cypress Oil: a few drops

From Keith Morgan:

Pink Rose Flowers: 3 parts
Red Corn-poppies: 3 parts
Myrrh Resin: 3 parts
Magnolia Oil: 10ml per 8oz of above mixture
Cedar Wood: 3 parts
Cinnamon powder: 1 part

Orris root: 2 parts
Cinnamon: 1 part
Cedar: 1 part
Cypress Oil: a few drops

When making your Aphrodite incense, compound on the day when the sun enters Libra or Taurus if possible, after it is fully in the Sign. Failing that, work on a Friday, the day sacred to the Venus, and in the Hour of the Venus on that day. Venus is the Roman name for the Greek Aphrodite. Make sure the Moon is Waxing to increase the positive power of your work. Pound the ingredients together into a rough form or a good powder, depending upon your preference. Store the result in a dark jar, sealed tight. Store somewhere dry. To burn, sprinkle a small amount of your mixture onto ignited charcoal tablets.