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Incense Recipes - marriage

Wiccan Handfasting and Marriage Incense Recipes

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Juniper BerriesHandfasting incense is to be compounded during a Full Moon, preferably in the Spring or just prior to the Marriage, and in the same Circle where that will take place. Pound the ingredients together into a rough form or a good powder, depending upon your preference. Consecrate your incense before use, if desired.  Focus your will and intent. Store the result in a dark jar, sealed tight. Store somewhere dry.

From Keith Morgan:

Honeysuckle Flowers: 2 parts
Juniper Berries: 2 parts
Uva Ursi: 1 part
Frankincense: 3 parts
Musk Oil: 10ml per 8oz of above mixture
Amber Oil: 10ml per 8oz of above mixture

Unknown Source:

Frankincense: 1/2 part
Rose: 1 part
Sage: 1/2 part
Rosemary: 1/2 part
Lavender: 1/2 part
Linden: 1/4 part
Myrtle: 1/4 part
Broom: 1/4 part
Benzoin: 1/4 part
Sandalwood: 1/2 part
Jasmine Oil: a few drops
Rose Oil: a few drops

Unknown Source:

Rose: 1 part
Yarrow: 1/2 part
Marjoram: 3/4 part
Myrtle: 1/4 part
Linden: 1/2 part
Sandalwood: 3/4 part
Orange Oil: a few drops
Rose Oil: a few drops
Bayberry Oil: a few drops

Experiment and make your own Wiccan Handfasting incense today!