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Incense Recipes - taurus

Zodiac recipes: Taurus Incense

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SandalwoodWhen making your Taurus incense, compound on the day when the sun enters Taurus if possible, after it is fully in the Sign. Failing that, work on a Friday the day sacred to Venus, and in the Hour of Venus on that day. Venus rules Taurus. Make sure the Moon is Waxing to increase the positive power of your work. Pound the ingredients together into a rough form or a good powder, depending upon your preference. Consecrate your incense with the energy of Taurus at the time of mixing it, if desired. Focus your will and intent. Ancient sources like the Orphic Hymns provide good invocations if you do not have one of your own. Store the result in a dark jar, sealed tight. Store somewhere dry.

From Scott Cunningham:

Sandalwood: 2 parts
Benzoin: 2 part
Rose Oil: a few drops

Unknown source:

Patchouli: 1 part
Sage: 1 part
Thyme: 1 part
Coltsfoot: 1/2 part

Unknown source:

Sandalwood: 4 parts
Rose: 1 part
Storax Bark: 1/2 part
Vanilla: 1/4 part
Spikenard: a pinch

From Keith Morgan:

White Willow Bark: 4 parts
Mandrake Root: 2 parts
Honey Suckle Oil: 10 ml per 8oz of above mixture
Patchouli Leaves: 2 parts
Patchouli Oil: 5 ml per 8oz of above mixture

Experiment and make your own Taurus incense today!