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Isis Goddess Incense Recipes

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Aset Isis Incense RecipesIsis (Egyptian Aset) is the Mother Goddess of the King, and the great Goddess of Magic. Her name in Egyptian, Aset, means throne, for it is on her lap that the young Pharaoh as Horus sits. She is often pictured with the crown of bulls-horns with the sun disk between them (like Hathor) which sometimes is accompanied by a vulture head covering, or other at times she is shown with headdress that has a small throne on top.

In mythology Isis is the wife and sister of Osiris, and their child is Horus. She is the daughter of Geb the God of Earth and Nuit (Nut) the Goddess of the Night Sky. By late antiquity Isis was transformed by many pagan cultures into the Great Mother Goddess who carried the title of Regina Natura, or Queen of Nature. Many images of her in this role were adopted by the Christians in their iconography of Mary.

Here are some recipes for incense to help with calling to Isis.

From Scott Cunningham:

Myrrh: 3 parts
Sandalwood: 2 parts
Frankincense: 1 part
Rose Petals: 1 part
Lotus Oil: a few drops

Alternate version:

Myrrh: 3 parts
Sandalwood: 2 parts
Frankincense: 1 part
Rose Petals: 1 part
Lotus Oil: a few drops
Raw Honey: 1/2 parts
Dried Raisins (crushed): 1/2 part
Mix thoroughly and let dry over many days. Cut into small blocks or roll into small pellets.

Unknown source:

Vetiver: 1 part
Myrrh: 1/4 part
Musk Root: 1/2 part
Civit Oil: a few drops
Myrtle: 1/2 part
Cassia: 1/2 part
Sandalwood: 1/2 part
Musk Oil: a few drops
Bayberry Oil: a few drops

When making your Isis incense, compound on a Friday, the day sacred to the Venus, and in the Hour of Venus on that day. Isis is often associated with Venus. Make sure the Moon is Waxing to increase the positive power of your work. The Full Moon is best. Pound the ingredients together into a rough form or a good powder, depending upon your preference. Store the result in a dark jar, sealed tight. Store somewhere dry. To burn, sprinkle a small amount of your mixture onto ignited charcoal tablets.

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