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Resin Incense

The Art of Incense Burning with Natural Botanicals


From Ancient Egypt and Greece to modern Asia and India, countless people throughout the centuries have utilized incense burning for the senses, for the mind and for the spirit. At Soma Luna we strive to carry one of the largest selections of rare and exotic herbs, aromatic resins, woods, and gums to be found anywhere. Whether you are looking for ingredients for incense, ritual or pleasure we have the standard basics and many unusual rarities that you will find nowhere else.

We specialize in what is known as resin incense, loose incense, granular incense or powder incense. These resins, gums and woods are direct raw materials from the aromatic plants themselves. This type of incense is meant to be burned on small charcoal bricks, and it is one of the oldest and best ways to experience how incense should really smell. Trust us - once you experience the true smell of your favorite incense through the actual resin or wood, you will never go back to manufactured cones or sticks. For an introduction to Burning Resin Incese, please click here.

Our Resin Incense Categories can be found under the Botanicals menu on the left:

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Resins & Woods A-B

Resins & Woods C

Resins & Woods D

resins-woods-gums-a-b.jpg resins-woods-gums-g-m.jpg resins-woods-gums-n-r.jpg

Resins & Woods E-F

Resins & Woods G-M

Resins & Woods N-R

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Resins & Woods S-Z

Sample Packs

Amber Incense Resins

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Soma Luna Resin Incense Blends

Other Resin Incense Blends

Traditional Rites Incense Blends

Don't forget to look over our unique selection of resin incense burners, bowls and urns. If you don't find what you are looking for in our Resins Section, be sure to look in our Herbs Sections.

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